Dunleith Community Garden

Community. Diversity. Sustainability.


Welcome to our gardening community! Dunleith Community Garden is within the Charles B. Aycock Neighborhood and part of the Aycock Neighborhood Association.  The land is independently owned and the owner has given permission for us to farm as long as no permanent structures are built. If you are interested in having a plot in the garden, volunteering your time to help care for the garden or grounds, donating tools or materials, or sharing your garden related photos, other media, or tales, please contact dunleithgarden@gmail.com. Come visit often!!


Please support us!

You can support the garden with a donation through the neighborhood association at http://www.historicaycock.org/donations.htm. Donations are used to provide seed and plants to garden members with fewer resources, and to buy tools, cover crops, and signs.

To see more photos of the garden, its gardeners, and the diverse community of people, plants, and wildlife it supports, visit our Facebook page at https:www.facebook.com/DunleithCommunityGarden.


More about the garden…

Community is very important to us in the Aycock Neighborhood. Please introduce yourself if you stop by when gardeners are there.  The front beds closest to the sidewalk are full of perennial and annual flowers. When flowers are abundant, we hope you will feel comfortable picking some to take home and enjoy or share with loved ones—for many, picking them actually helps keep them flowering, so we appreciate the help! The interior plots are all private—please do not pick produce from any plots beyond the front flowerbeds. If you need food, please let us know so we can share things that we know are available. You can email us at dunleithgarden@gmail.com or contact one of the Aycock board members who can reach us.


A brief history

The not-for-profit Urban Harvest founded Dunleith Community Garden in 2009 with support from the landowner, donations of some supplies, and volunteer labor from students and community members. When Urban Harvest stepped down in 2011, garden members took over management. The landowner, community members and organizations, private companies, City of Greensboro, and NC Cooperative Extension provide various types of support for the garden, which is a beloved part of our neighborhor, visited by friends from near and far.



You may notice we have compost piles. You are welcome to deposit your organic yard and household compostable items like vegetable scraps, grass clippings, and leaves in our compost bins.  Just read the signs to be sure you find the right spot. No trash please or meat, oils, or cheese!  Plastic bags, containers and plant tags cannot be composted and should be placed in the appropriate trash can.


Some of us compost at home using red wiggler worms. These are a special type of worm, well-suited to compost bins. If you would like to start a worm bin for composting at home, we would be happy to share some red wigglers. Email us at dunleithgarden@gmail.com.


We look forward to seeing you in the garden!